Dow Bridge Brewery

The Bottled Beer Selection

Most of the beers produced at the brewery are available in bottles. It should be noted that like their cask  counterparts, the beers have undergone secondary fermentation and are defined as bottle conditioned. They have not been filtered, pasteurised or artificially carbonated. A small amount of yeast sediment may be present in the bottom of the bottle, so they must be stored upright and care taken when being poured.
All of the beers are available in 500ml bottles from Manor Farm Shop Catthorpe
Name: Bonum Mild

: 3.6% ABV

: A dark, full flavoured traditional mild.

Name: Acris

: 4.0% ABV

: Classic session bitter, packed with flavour.

Name: Legion

: 4.3% ABV

Description: Golden hoppy ale. A good balance of malt and fruity hop on the nose and palate.


Name: Centurion

: 4.2% ABV

: Copper-coloured, well rounded best bitter. Good balance of malt & hops in the flavour.


Name: Ratae'd

: 4.5% ABV

: Tawny coloured, with strong hop aroma and bittersweet finish.


Name:  D. B. Dark

:  4.6% ABV

:  A strong, dark, full-bodied ale with roast malt giving hints of chocolate.


Name: Gladiator

Strength: 4.7% ABV

Description: Ruby chestnut, well balanced beer. Smooth and malty, but with a bitter, dry finish. Some fruit aroma and slight toffee sweetness.


Name: Fosse

: 5.0% ABV

: Well balanced, premium beer with caramel & burnt toffee flavours leading to a hoppy, dry finish.


Name: Praetorian Porter

Strength: 5.2% ABV

Description: Award winning 2011 Champion Winter ale. Dark, rich, full bodied seasonal porter. Slightly sweet with hoppy undertones.


Name: Onslaught

Strength: 5.4% ABV

Description: A deep ruby strong ale. A good balance of fruit and hops with rich flavours and aroma.